Parks & Playgrounds

Parks & Playgrounds

A major part of our business is designing many of the public parks in the Houston area.


Environments&co. is proud to have been associated with the SPARK parks program for more than 50 projects dating back to 1993.  This program combines a small amount of public seed money, local business money and neighborhood fundraising to put playgrounds, tracks, bleachers and other such items on the local school property.  These improvements are accessible to the neighborhood children and adults after school hours, providing both a playground and a community space for all to enjoy.  We also try to integrate local artists and children into the park structures that mark the park as the neighborhood’s own.


Environments&co. has worked on City of Houston parks incorporating walking and jogging trails with fitness stations, gathering areas and other amenities.  Environments&co was also responsible for the design of the first City of Houston Skate park, a special venue for skateboarders in the Kingwood area.


Environments&co. works closely with various design teams to provide playgrounds and consultation for new playgrounds and play structures.  Current code requirements are surprisingly complex in the Houston area, including requirements such as ADA, Industry safety standards and impervious cover detention.  We can help design and navigate these liability issues.