Landscape Design & Public Exterior Spaces

Landscape Design & Public Exterior Spaces

Our work includes: outdoor classrooms, trails, butterfly gardens, track and field venues, general planting design and irrigation, public right of way and subdivision entries, college campus planting, public gathering spaces and art venues as well as assisting our clients with City of Houston landscape ordinance compliance.

Native plant materials are preferred for their drought tolerance and the ability to thrive with minimal maintenance and irrigation.

We work closely with Architects and Civil engineers to enhance the built environment. We enjoy turning utility spaces such as detention ponds and fire lane access roads into green playgrounds and amenities.  We have also participated in design of bioremediation swales and detention areas.

Past Projects

DSC01473Photo_081509_013 DSC01474 hccsw HCCSdowntown2Treasure Forest Elem Spark 1 foerster2 HCC Science Tech Stafford 2 HCC West Loop 1 hccswpatio5 Kingswood Episcopal LS Renovation 2 Lamar Elem Spark 1 Piccione 2