CPSI - Certified Playground Safety Inspections

Certified Playground Safety Inspection

Playgrounds have come a long way in their safety features.  Childhood accidents are drastically reduced by yearly safety inspections that catch many problems before they cause problems.  Environments&co. is proud to have made over one hundred inspections by Carmen L. Posey, who is certified by Texas as an inspector.

Reports identify potential problems in your existing playgrounds, show the problems that need to be fixed first, and once complete, a certificate will be issued to the owner of the property to show that your playground meets applicable safety requirements.

We are also available to assist playground companies with their install of their equipment.  Providing direction to the field workers avoids problems like impervious cover remediation, ADA access, hazard proximity and safety fencing.  We see many projects that, for a small fee, would have avoided costly mistakes.

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